Two rings - Two hearts
with love that flows from one to another
without end and forever

he wedding band is almost as ancient as the custom of marriage itself. From as early as the second century B.C., a circle of gold has signified a life-long bond. The circular shape represents the love that flows from one to another without end and forever. Gold symbolizes the durability of that love. The ring is placed on the fourth finger of the left hand because people thought that this finger had a vein that ran directly to the heart. Today, wedding bands still symbolize the same vows of marriage. You can choose from hundreds of styles, from plain to intricately hand-engraved.

What Type of Gold is Best?

The designated gold mark on the inside of the band will tell you what type of gold is in the ring. Gold is alloyed with other stronger metals like silver and copper for durability. 18-karat gold is 75% fine gold. It has a yellower colour than 14K or 10K which contain lesser amounts of fine gold. 18K and 14K are the least likely to cause an adverse allergic reaction in the wearer.
The choice of gold is a matter of taste and budget; the higher the gold content, the higher the price. A common fallacy is that 18K gold is "soft." Alloyed properly, there is no difference in the strength of 18K over 10K or 14K.

Comfort is everything.

Comfort is the other important consideration. Since you will be wearing it for a lifetime, the ring should fit comfortably. Your jeweller will help you here. Rings can easily be sized to your finger for a customized fit. The Comfort-Curve™ ring style has a contoured inner surface to create an extra-smooth fit. The feel of weight in a ring is a personal preference. Wide-band designs are common in men's rings. Because of their larger size, they have a heavier feel that many people prefer. Whatever your choice, your wedding bands will reflect your individual taste and, like your love, will last a lifetime.
Our wedding bands are made by Cadman Manufacturing, who have been making wedding bands for Canadians for over 75 years. These rings are crafted from the highest quality gold which is alloyed in a time-honoured tradition of craftsmanship. Most of our wedding bands are produced using a "seamless" method. Molten gold is poured into bars which are then rolled flat to create sheets from which circular pieces of gold are cut. These are then formed, one by one, into rings. With no seam, there is no weakness in the ring. With the purity of quality gold, there is no greater beauty.

When you buy a wedding band from us, you buy a lifetime guarantee.